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swap your unwanted books!
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Hi, welcome to goodbookswaps!♥

Are you a bookworm?
Do you read a lot of books?
Do you have a lot of unwanted books?
Would you like to swap unwanted books for new books someone else may have?
This is the community for you!

I created this community so book lovers to come together and swap their unwanted books. :) Book love all around!

This is an open community which means anyone can join. However, there are rules and if you do not follow them, you will be banned from the community.

1. Always be nice.
2. Don't promote any other communities.
3. Always use the form provided.
4. Always leave feedback for your swaps.
5. No drama!

:) Pretty easy, right? Okay, let's get started.

♥ First, you must make a post with all the unwanted books you have that you would trade/swap for. In the subject you must put your username & how many books you have, as I will be adding each post into the memories so everyone can see your list.
-If you join and do not post your book list and post a swap post before, i will delete your post. Before you make ANY swaps you must post your list.
Use the form in the text area to post your list. Duplicate it for every book you have.

♥ Second, now you have made your book list, you can look for swaps! By doing this, you must use the form below. All you have to do is copy and paste which is inside the text box into a new post. :)

Any transaction details, who sends first, who has positive feedback anywhere, any scams, any lost books in the post has nothing to do with the moderator fashionie. You must decide that amongst yourselves.

When having finished a swap and both ends have received their books, you have to leave positive feedback in the feedback post, which you can find here.

Any questions/comments?
Check this post.

Check this post.

Have fun!

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Click here to join and take part now!
Promote the community and help get more members by placing this around and in your journal info! Just copy and paste the text in the text area. :)