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New manga/yaoi to swap: [Dec. 28th, 2009|11:11 am]
swap your unwanted books!



My list to swap:


Aishiteruze Baby v. 1-7 (Complete/Shoujo)

Basara v. 1 (Shoujo)

By the Sword v. 1-2 (Comedy/Action/Shoujo)

Chikyo Misaki v. 1-3 (Complete/Comedy/Fantasy/Shoujo)

Claymore v. 1 (Fantasy)

Cynical Orange v.1 (Shoujo)

De Javu (Oneshot/Shoujo)

Elemental Gelade v. 1 (Action)

FullMetal Alchemist v. 2 (Action)

Fushigi Yuugi v.1-8 (1st printing/VizBig/Shoujo)

Gakuen Prince v. 1 (Shoujo/OT)

Hitohira v. 1-3 (Shoujo)

In the Starlight v. 2-3 (Shoujo)

Jade of Bango v. 1 (Supersize edition/Shoujo/Action)

Kamichama Karin v. 1-7 (Complete/Shoujo/Magicalgirl)

Land of the Blindfold v.1-9 (Complete/v. 1-5 have different cover than 6-9/Shoujo)

Mar v. 1 (Action)

March on Earth v. 1-2 (Complete/Drama/Comedy/Shoujo)

Me & My Brothers v. 2-5 (Shoujo)

Narration Of Love at 17 v. 1-4 (Complete/Shoujo)

Ranma v. 32 (Comedy/Shoujo)

Tears of a Lamb v. 2 (Shoujo)

Vampire Knight v. 1-8 (Willing to break up the set/Fantasy/Shoujo)

Yu Yu Hakusho v. 1 (Action)



Love Circles (Yaoi)

Crazy Star (Yaoi/Junior Escort v. 3)

The Loudest Whisper v. 2 (Yaoi)

Scandalous Seiyo University (Yaoi)

Return to Scandalous Seiyo University (Yaoi)

Beyond Scandalous Seiyo University (Yaoi)

Dont Rush Love (Yaoi)

Exotic and Delicious Fate (Yaoi)

Manhattan Love Story (Yaoi)

Sighing Kiss (Yaoi)

The Devil Inside (Yaoi)

You Will Drown In Love (Yaoi)

Finder Series Artbook (Japanese/half in full color/half in b&w)



Oh My Goddess: The Fourth Goddess

3x3 Eyes

Maximum Ride (has sticker of alternate reality site on front cover)


Please see my wish list and full inventory (including pics and synopsis of each book listed above) at www.Mangatude.com/luvdarain5 -Thank you!!