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Manga/Yaoi for trade/swap [Nov. 11th, 2008|02:43 pm]
swap your unwanted books!



Hey all, I have more books to TRADE not sell.   If you want to see pics and synopsis of the stories, go to www.mangatude.com/luvdarain5 to check 'em out. EMAIL ME AT Luvdarain5@aol.com if interested!

Here's my yaoi list:

A Foreign Affair
Almost Crying
Blue Sky
Cain 1-3
Cant Win with You 1-3 (Complete)
Do Whatever You Want v.1
Gravitation 1-2/Gravitation Ex. v.1
Great Place H.S.
Golden Cain
I'll Be Your Slave
In The End
Ka Shin Fu
La Vie En Rose
Made In Heaven
Maybe I'm Your Stepping Stone
Poison Cherry Dr.
Prince Charming 1-3 (Complete)
Stolen Hearts
Two of Hearts
Wishing for the Moon

Non Yaoi:

Manhwa collection v1-3
Bleach 1-3/12
B.O.D.Y. v.2
Chibi Vampire 1-10
Chobits 1-8 (Complete)
Corrector Yui 1-5 (Complete)
Dazzle v.1
Faeries Landing 1-9
Full House 1-3
Ghost Hunt 1-4/7-8
Heaven v. 1
Kedamono Damono v.1
King of Cards v. 2-3
Kitchen Princess v. 1-3
La Corda D'Oro v. 1-8
Le Chevalier d'Eon v. 1-2
Magic Knights Rayearth 4-6
Magic Knights Rayearth artbook 2 volumes
Magic Lovers Tower v. 1-2 (Complete)
Mink 1-4
Nigima v. 1-17
Quantum Mistake v.1
Seimaden v. 1-10
Shugo Chara v. 1-3
Skip Beat 1-11
Tenryu 1-6 (Complete)
Vs. 1-7 (complete)
Wallflower 1-15