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Manga/DVD's to swap [Apr. 7th, 2008|10:49 am]
swap your unwanted books!




Here is what i have to trade: 

(Email me at Luvdarain5@aol.com if intersted!)

Full House v. 1-3 (by Let Dai mangaka)
Aria 1-2 (First time release with sideways artwork)
Crazy Love Story v. 1-5 (Shoujo/Complete)
Bride of Deimos v. 1-6 (Horror/shoujo)
Flowers & Bees v. 1-2 (By Happy Mania mangaka)
Angel Nest /Between the Sheets by Erica Sakurazuwa (Mature content)
Yurara v. 1
Click v. 1-2
Tenryu v. 1 (by Fake mangaka)
Legend v. 1 (art by Kara-Demon Diary artist)
Angel Diary v. 1-5 (by Demon Diary creators)
Inu Yasha Animanga v. 1-2 (All full color pages)
Rure v. 1 (Fantasy/Shoujo)
All sets are part of the Clamp School Detectives series:
1. Man of Many Faces v. 1-2 (Clamp/Complete)
2. Duklyon v. 1-2 (Clamp/Complete)
3. Clamp School detectives v. 1-3 (Clamp/Complete)
Ranma 1/2 v. 10-Old large version
Chobits 1
Angelic Layer v. 1/2/4/5
Flesh of the Beast (Horror)
Here is Greenwood 1-2 (Comedy)

Sailor Moon - Season One - Complete and Uncut (Japanese Language/English Subtitles) (1995) (8 Discs)
Cardcaptor Ssakura the movie 2 -the sealed card -unopened!

Please see www.mangatude.com/luvdarain5 to see pictures of the above items and also my wishlist at the bottom left hand corner of my user page.