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More manga/yaoi to trade [Mar. 20th, 2008|02:26 pm]
swap your unwanted books!



Dost Thou Know (yaoi)
Love Share (yaoi)
Party (yaoi)
All Nippon Airline: Paradise 3000 Feet (Yaoi)
Manic Love -Prequel to Fake Fur (Oneshot/Yaoi)
Love Training (yaoi)
Words of Devotion v. 1 (Yaoi)
Menkui v. 1 (yaoi)
Tenshi Ja Nai v. 1-2
Bible Black Second (Yaoi-Neon Genesis Evangelion DOUJINSHI) -2 different doujins available
Love Master A v. 1  (new shoujo)
Guardian Angel Getten v. 1-4 (shoujo)
Gals! V. 1-10 (Complete) (shoujo)
Ultra Maniac v. 1-5 (shoujo)
Neck & Neck v. 1-2 (shoujo)
Red String v.1 (shoujo)
Witch Class v. 1-2 (shoujo)
Miracle Girls v. 2, 4, 8 9 (shoujo)
Ai Yori Aoshi 1-3 (shoujo)
Tsubasa v. 1 and 6-9 (Clamp)
Angelic Layer 1, 2, 4 &5 (Clamp)
Suki (Clamp) v. 1-3 (complete)
Chobits v. 1 (Clamp)
Tenryu v. 1 (Action/shoujo)
50 Rules for Teenagers v. 1 (shojo)
Magical JxR v. 1 (similar to Meru Puri) (shoujo)
Legend v.1 (shoujo-artwork by Dream Diary creator)
Maico 2010 v. 1-3 (Mature content-nekked women)
Flesh of the Beast (Horror)
Blue Inferior v. 1 (shoujo)
Lets Stay Together Forever (classic shoujo mangaka Tomoko Taniguchi)
Princess Prince (classic shoujo mangaka Tomoko Taniguchi)
Call Me Princess (classic shoujo mangaka Tomoko Taniguchi)
Psychic Academy 1 (Harry Potterish)
Psychic Academy 2 (Harry Potterish)
Moon Child 1 (yoai/sci fi/shoujo)
Moon Child 2 (yoai/sci fi/shoujo)
Here is Greenwood 1 (humor)
Here is Greenwood 2 (humor)
Saikano v.1  (I cant remember what this one was about… ^-^;
Suikoden III v. 1 The Sucessor of Fate (Action adventure story-sci fi)
Somedays Dreamers 2 (Very popular series/shoujo)
Land of the Blindfolded v.1 (heroine can see in the futre/hero can see the past)
Full Moon 1 (by creator of Gentlemans Alliance Cross)
Model 1 (Bishie vampires-manwha)
Model 2 (Bishie vampires-manwha)

See my wishlist at www.mangatude.com/luvdarain5 or email me at Luvdarain5@aol.com with inquiries...