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[Feb. 17th, 2008|10:31 pm]
swap your unwanted books!
to trade:

non fiction:
1. double duce-aaron cometbus
its really good, its about one of the most famous punk writers living in a crazy punk house w/ a bunch of really interesting people. you cant put this book down
great condition/ 5 stars

2. the zinesters guide to portland-microcosm

this book is the low bugdet- no budget guide to everything you could ever want to do in portland. it was a really big help in having fun while i was there, now that i know the place i need to pass it on.
great condition/ 5 stars

3. addicted to war- joel andreas

i LOVED this book! its about the history of america and war. its really funny and really informational. oh and its a illustrated.
great condition except theres a few drops of red candle wax on the front cover/ 5 stars

4. cometbus 49- aaron cometbus

the 49th issue in the zine by aaron cometbus, filled with really awesome short stories by a bunch of different punks in the bay area.
great condition/ 4 stars

5. the best war ever- sheldon rampton and john stauber

NOT A COMIC. its 200 pages of all the lies that led us and are keeping us in the war in iraq. all the things you didnt know and didnt want to know that the bush administration does.
great condition/ 5 stars

6. off the map-crimethink

an excellent story writen by 2 anarchist girls as they traveled through europe looking for good ideas to make a squat in america. if you need inspiration to travel, meet people and just do something i recomend this book to you.
great condition/ 4 stars

7. days of war, nights of love- crimethink

this is a REALLY inspiring book to change your life when it comes to living in this fear ridden capitalist society. this book is something everyone should read. youll want to have a revolution, even if its just changing a few simple things thatll make you so much happier with yourslef and your life.
great condition/ 6 stars

8. false alarm, the truth about the epidemic of fear-marc siegel

this book is about the media and how it is playing into keeping america scared of the next epidemic like sars and bird flu in order to sell sell sell perscription drugs. it teaches you to not be so scared and to enjoy your life and maybe cut back on the tv.
great condition/ 5 stars

9.recipes for disaster, an anarchists cookbook-crimethink

this is a how to guide to doing some really awesome things like: anti facist action, bicycle collectives, how to make a bike into a record player, taking over the world or at least the one you live in, food not bombs, hitch hiking, screen printing, unemployment and everything else you would like to know
great condition/ 6 stars

10.confronting capitalism

this book is filled w/ contributions from many great thinkers like noam chomsky, barbara epstein, naoimi cline and many more. its kinda a hard read but there is a glossary. its a huge book about everything you could need to know about capitalism, whats been done by it and against it and more.
great condition/ 5 stars

11. this book will change your life again, 365 more daily instructions for hysterical living

this book is really funny and i wish i had the guts to do half the crazy things suggested in this book.
great condition/ 4 stars

12. everybody hurts, the essential guide to emo culture

im sorry i havent read this book, its not really my thing, it was a gift. but it looks good if i was into emo.
great condition/ 3 stars

Location; sacramento ca
Link to your book list; i dont know what this is
Books you are looking for; anything non fiction
Favourite authors; sheldon rampton, noam chomsky, crimethinc, john stauber
Favourite book genre; diy guides, survival guides, inspiring books, books that teach about history, conspiracy books, books about ghosts and aliens
Any specific books you will swap for?; any
Condition of books you're looking for?; any
Towns/countries you will swap with?; any

</center> i really just want to make sure these books go to people who will appriciate them and give them a good read so let me know if you want any thanks

cross posted sorry.