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Manga Yaoi to swap-see my list! [Feb. 12th, 2008|09:56 am]
swap your unwanted books!



My book list avaiable for trade:

Ai Yori Aoshi v. 1-3 (Couple gets engaged then fall in love-lots of big chest scenes)

Art of Fushigi Yugi (Very slightly bent-but great condition overall)

Art of Ceres

Beautiful People (oneshot/mature manga-collection of six stories)

Black Knight v. 1-3 (Yaoi-Complete)

Blue Inferior v.1 (Ocean manga)

Cantarella v. 1 (Yaoi Medieval story)

Candidate for Goddess v. 1 (Mecha)
Chobits v. 1 (Clamp/Hero falls for living doll?)

Demon Ororon v. 1-4 (Complete/Dark Love story)

Flames of Recca v. 1-5 (Martial Arts)

Full Moon v. 1 (By the same author who did Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne)

Good Luck   v. 1-3 (Manwha/shojo)

Innocent Bird. V. 1 (Yaoi-Angel falls in love with devil)

Love Mode v. 1-3 (Yaoi-Adult/Youth collection of lust/love stories)
Level C v. 1-3 (Yaoi-Adult/Youth collection of lust/love stories)
Little Cry Baby (Yaoi-One-shot) (Collection of stories of weepy Uke's and the Seme's who love em)

Legend of Chun Hyang (One-shot) (Clamp)

Model v. 1-6 (Complete) (Great artwork-vampire love story)

Moon Child v. 1-2 (Fantasy/slight yaoi)

Menkui v. 1 (Yaoi-about a guy who likes pretty boys and his jealous boyfriend)

Mugen Spiral v. 1 (Girl exorcists who is dogged by a handsome but pesky spirit)
Mouryou Kiden v. 1 (Clamp)

Peach (Peach Girls art) (Beautiful full color pics-very cool)

Peach Girl/Sae's Story v. 1-3 (Complete)

Pita-Ten v. 1-4 (Super adorable artwork-love story)

Priceless v. 1 (By creator of Kill Me, Kiss Me)
Psychic Academy v.1 (Harry Potterish-big chested scenes)

Queens v. 1-2 (Boy gets makeover to win girl he likes)

Real Bout High School v. 1-5 (Complete) (Fighting Manga-fun read)

Saiyuki v. 1 & 2 (Gun toting monk & friends-very cool artwork-fun read!)
Suki v. 1-3 (Clamp-Teddy Bears and Romance)

Suikoden III v. 1 (Fantasy War)
Sister Red v.1 (Fighting Nun & crew)

Tsubasa v.1, 6-9 (Mix of several clamp characters but focuses on Sakura & Syoran)

Time Lag (Oneshot by ‘Only the Ring Finger Knows’)

To Heart v.1 (Romance but with big chest scenes)

Ultra Maniac v. 1-5 (Cute manga/shojo)

Ultra Cute v. 1 (By Miracle Girls creator)

Vampire Dahlia/Death in a Kiss (One-shot) (Beautiful artwork-from
Vampire Miyu creator)
Yurara v. 1 (Girl who channels ghosts and the two boys who like her)

11th Cat v. 1-4 (Complete) (Kawaii girl wizard)


Want List:   Baby & Me, Crimson Hero, Nana v. 2, 4+, yaoi.  I am pretty open, make me an offer!